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    Welcome to Saying Something Sweet. It is my pleasure to offer you traditional and unique baked items for a price that is exactly right for you.
Baking has always been a tradition in my family. Since I was a little girl, I've helped my father bake many different desserts for the holidays; it was our way of saying something sweet to our friends and family. As a little girl I remember watching my dad as he carefully mixed each ingredient to perfection. I always believed that the key ingredient to his decadent desserts was his love for baking.
     Now I carry on that same love and passion as my father did. Saying something sweet has played an important role in what I love to do by helping others say something sweet to their special someone creatively while fulfilling their needs at the same time for everyone to enjoy. Please take a moment to browse all the different selections and take your time to choose how you would like to say something sweet.


More than words can say.
  You can say something sweet on any occasion
Cookies, Pies, and Baskets are avaliable now.
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